JEF Board Approves 2017-2018 Business Plan

The JEF Board of Directors approved the 2017-2018 Business Plan at Thursday’s board meeting. The plan outlines the organization’s goals, budget strategy, target Programs, and Communication Plan for the school year.

This year’s plan focuses on balancing fundraising targets with investment targets, and making large investments in three “Programs” that truly enrich the academic and extracurricular learning opportunities for the students at Junction. Those three programs are: Band, Robotics Club, and Junction After School Program.  The plan continues to provide large investments in grant making to the staff at Junction, and provides funding for important activities at school such as drug/bully prevention assemblies, accelerated reading recognition awards, and the spelling bee and math-a-thon, among other things.

As always, the JEF Board’s ability to fund these wonderful things hinges on the success of our fundraisers and grant writing. We appreciate our community’s continual support for us in these challenging fundraising endeavors.

The JEF 2017-2018 Business Plan is available for your review. If you have any questions or wish to make comments on the approved plan, we encourage you to attend a JEF Board Meeting, which take place the 1st Thursday each month at Junction Elementary School in Room 1.

2017-2018 Business Plan PDF

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